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The Ideology's Manifestating of the Advantages of Good Morals in this World

He, who is qualified with good morals can conform to his brothers, live a happy life, with a tranquil heart, and relaxed. But he, who breaks away from the fetters of moral values and dogmas will be lost in darkness, live anxious and confused; so he tortures himself and be hated by his brothers in humanity, he enters into mazes whose disadvantages are countless.

The prophet (S.W.A.) says: “Good morals stabilize love” 222

Ameeralmu’amineen (A.S.) says: “The Treasures of sustenance are in good morals” 223 Imam Alsadiq (A.S.) says ‘if you want to be respected you should be gentle and if you want to be despised be coarse” 224, He also said: “charity and good morals populate countries and add to ages” 225

On the opposite side, bad morals have very disadvantageous effects which man can find in this world.

Imam Alsaadiq (A.S.) says: “He whose morals become bad he tortures himself” 226, He (A.S.) said to suffian AlThawri who asked him for advise him: “A liar has no chivalry, a jealous man has no comfort, aboard man has no brotherhood, an arrogant man no friendship, an ill-disciplined man has no dignity.” 227

Therefore it became clear that the Islamic ideology urges man to adorn himself with good morals by showing the advantages of them in this world and in the hereafter. He can obtain these benefits when he follows the course of chastening. From the other side it deters him from bad morals by showing the bad disadvantages which result from them in this world and in the hereafter.


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Adapted from: "The Role of Ideology in Constructing The Human Being" by: "Ar-Risaleh Center"

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