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The Ideology is Defining the Hereafter Sequences of Morals


So he who is qualified with good morals the ideology promised him with abundant reward and lofty degrees and he whose morals are bad and has released the reins of himself it promised him with painful chastisement.

The prophet (S.W.A.) said, “The servant can reach by his good morals the lofty great degrees in the hereafter and honorable places although his worship is little” 216

He also said: “Good morals reach the degree of him who always fasts and prays” 217

He also said advising: “O sons of Abdulmuttalib’ spread out salutations, associate with your relatives, offer food for others, use pleasant speech, then You would enter Paradise peacefully” 218

He also said: “Good morals dissolves sins as the sun dissolves ice…” 219

In this sense Imam AlSaadiq (A.S.) says: “Allah (be exalted) gives His servant for his good morals just as what He gives the struggler in His way who continues his struggle” 220

Then there is a correlation between the acceptance of one’s actions in general, and the ritual worships in specially, and the morals. It is narrated that the prophet (S.W.A.) heard a fasting woman abusing her neighboring woman, he called for food and asked the woman to eat she said: I am fasting, He (S.W.A.) said: how can you fast while you have abused your neighboring woman..? 221


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Adapted from: "The Role of Ideology in Constructing The Human Being" by: "Ar-Risaleh Center"

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