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Introducing Recommendations and Advices

The Islamic ideology introduces- through its knowledge sources- precious recommendations in this concern which implant in man the burgeons of good morals and uproot from him the corrupted values and morals.

It is narrated in the book of “Alnobowwah” from Ibna abbaas from the prophet (S.W.A.) that he said: “I have been educated by Allah and Ali has been educated by me, my Lord Has ordered me to have generosity and be nevolience and interdicted me from stinginess and rudeness, nothing is more hateful to Allah than stinginess and bad morals, it corrupts work such as vinegar corrupts honey” 228

His executor Imam Ali (A.S.) said; “…Train yourself for good morals because the Moslem servant can reach by his good morals the degree of the fasting and praying man” 229

He also said recommending: “…Accustom yourself to forgiveness and chose for her the best of every manner as goodness is habit” 230

He said: “Adhere to good morals because they are a sublimity guard against bad morals as they humiliate the noble man and destroy glory” 231

For these selected examples we can say that the Islamic ideology introduces its advices and valuable recommendations supported with their fruits and advantages in order to form a fence of power which protects man from falling into the hell of bad morals.


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Adapted from: "The Role of Ideology in Constructing The Human Being" by: "Ar-Risaleh Center"

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