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The Holy Prophet of Islam's (S.A.W.) Commandment for Ma'ath Bin Jabal

The Holy Prophet of Islam(S.A.W.) Commandment for Ma'ath Bin Jabal when He Assigned Him as the Governor of Yemen.

O Ma'ath, teach them the Book of Allah and the high traits. Treat each according to his rank, whether good of evil. Carry out Allah's orders regarding them and never be negligent in this regard. Do not favor anyone in the questions regarding (the fair distribution of) the estates of Allah. They are not yours or your concern. Fulfill their trusts disregarding how big of small they are. Show clemency and pardon on condition that you will not neglect the right. The ignorant may say that you have neglected the right of Allah. Offer apologies in every act in which you expect a fault would fall, so that people will acquit you (of negligence). Deaden the pre-Islamic customs except those that Islam ordained.

Show the whole affairs of Islam, whether small or big. The prayer should be the most important matter that you care for, because it is the head of Islam after the confession of the religion. Remind people of Allah and the life to come. Pursue the admonitions because they are the most affective in the field of urging (people) doing actions that Allah favors. Distribute the educated ones among people. Worship Allah to Whom you will be taken and do not care for any blame in doing matters that please Him.

I command you to fear Allah, say the truth, fulfill the pledges, give the deposits back to their possessors, avoid treason, show lenient wording, begin in greeting people, regard the neighbors, compassionate the orphans, work hard, neglect hopes, long for the life to come, worry about the final Judgment, adhere to the faith, learn the Qur'an, suppress your rage, and behave with humility.

Beware of reviling at any Muslim, complying with any sinful, disobeying any just leader, belying any truthful, and believing any liar. Mention your Lord in any situation and show repentance whenever you commit any sin. Show secret repentance for the secret sins and open repentance for the open sins.

O Ma'ath, I will shorten my commandments if I am certain we will not meet each other until the Day of Resurrection, but I see we will not meet ever again.

O Ma'ath, surely the most favorable of you to me is that who will meet me while he bears the save beliefs and qualities on which I lift him.

Source: Tuhaf al-Uqoul

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