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The Holy Prophet of Islam(S.A.W.) Commandment for Imam Ali (a.s)

O Ali, to avoid pleasing anyone and discontenting Allah, thanking anyone for a favor that Allah has not given to you, and reproaching anyone for something that Allah has not given to you--these are parts of the conviction. The sustenance cannot be obtained through (any sort of) niggardliness and will not be ceased when someone hates it. Out of His wisdom and grace, Allah has made relief and delight lie in conviction and satisfaction, and made care and grief lie in suspect and malice.

O Ali, no poverty is harsher than ignorance, no fortune better than the intellect, no loneliness drearier than pride, no victory like counseling, no intellect like moderation, no lineage like good manners, and no worship like pondering (over things).

O Ali, untruth is the epidemic of talking, oblivion is the epidemic of knowledge, laziness is the epidemic of worship, to remind reproachfully (of your favors) is the epidemic of leniency, despot is the epidemic of courage, showing off is the epidemic of handsomeness, and pride is the epidemic of (belonging to good) ancestry.

O Ali, keep up saying the truth and your tongue should never utter any single lie. Never approach any treason. Fear Allah as if you see Him before you. Sacrifice your property and soul for the sake of your religion. Ride the good manners and avoid the ill manners.

O Ali, the most favorable deeds to Allah are three: the best worshipper is he who fulfills the obligatory duties of Allah properly. The most pious of people is he who abstains from the forbidden matters. The wealthiest of people is he who satisfies himself with that which Allah has given to him.

O Ali, three matters save you: (They are) to control your tongue (stop saying obscene language or stop reviling at people), to weep for your sins, and to contend with your home.

O Ali, three characters are the masters of deeds: they are to treat people fairly, justify your friends, and to praise Allah's sake. This man is certainly Allah's guest, and it is incumbent upon Allah to honor His guests and satisfy their needs. The second is a man who offers a prayer and immediately offers another. He is surely Allah's guest and it is incumbent upon Allah to honor His guest. The hajji and the performer of umrah are the delegations to Allah, and it is incumbent upon Allah to honor His delegation.

O Ali, three matters are rewarded in this world and the world to come: the hajj eradicates poverty, the alms-giving eradicates catastrophes, and regard of the relatives increases the age.

O Ali, the deeds of those who do not enjoy the following three characters are nil: piety that impedes against the ignorance of the foolish ones, and an intellect that helps in associating with people courteously.

O Ali, three men will be stood under the shade of the (Divine) Throne on the Day of Resurrection: they are a man who likes for his friend whatever he likes for himself, a man who stops doing any thing before he realizes whether it pleases or displeases Allah, and a man who does not find fault with himself whenever he gets rid of one. It is quite sufficient for a man to be engaged with himself.

O Ali, three matters are within the doors to charity: they are generosity, good wording, and steadfastness against harm.

O Ali, it is written in the Torah that four matters always accompany other four ones. He who begins his day with acquisitiveness is beginning his day with discontentment to Allah. He who complains about misfortune is complaining against his Lord.Two thirds of the religion of him who declines before a rich man are gone. The people of this umma who will be in Hell are surely those who deride and disregard the Verses (or signs) of Allah.

Four matters always accompany other four ones. He who holds a position of leadership will surely act arbitrarily. He who does not seek others' advice will surely regret. As you subjugate, you will surely be subjugated. Poverty is the grand death.

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) was asked whether the intended poverty is the financial neediness. He answered: No, it is the poverty of the religion.

O Ali, except three, every eye will be weeping on the Day of Resurrection. These three are an eye that passed a night sleeplessly for Allah's sake, an eye that is lowered before what Allah has prohibited to gaze, and an eye that shed tears due to fearing Allah.

O Ali, blessed be the face (of an individual) that Allah notices (him) weeping for a sin, which no one has seen except Him.

O Ali, three matters are destructive and three others are rescuing. The three destructive matters are the pursued passion, the obeyed niggardliness, and the self-conceit. The three rescuing matters are to treat (others) fairly in both situations of satisfaction and displeasure, to be moderate in both situations of richness and poverty, and to fear Allah secretly and openly. Fear Allah as if you see Him. If you do not see Him, He can surely see you.

O Ali, four matters go uselessly: to eat after (attaining) satiety, to light a lamp in the moonlit, to seed in the briny land, and to do favors to the undeserved.

O Ali, four matters are the quickest in punishment: to recompense the favor with mistreatment, to trespass him who does not show hostility, to break the faith of the party who keeps up his faith with you, and to rupture the relations with the relatives who regard you properly.

O Ali, those who keep these four characters enjoy perfect Islam. These characters are telling only truth, showing gratitude, prudence, and good mannerism.

O Ali, the present richness is surely the fewness of asking from people. To ask from people frequently is surely humility. It is also the present poverty.
Another Brief Commandment for Imam Ali(A.S.)

O Ali, a faithful believer must enjoy three characteristics: they are fasting, offering prayers, and alms-giving. Likewise, the false believer enjoys three characteristics: he flatters slavishly when he witnesses (a situation), backbites, and rejoices over the others misfortunes.

The unjust people enjoy three characteristics: they dominate him who is less powerful than they are by means of acts of disobedience (to Allah), and they support the oppressors.

The showy has three characteristics: he activates among people, he becomes lazy when he is alone, and he desires to be praised in all states.

The hypocrite has three characteristics: he lies in speech, breaches his trusts, and breaks his promise.

The indolent has three characteristics: he slackens until he neglects, neglects until he wastes, and wastes until he commits a sin.

The intelligent ones should not travel except in three situations; in seeking the worldly earnings, getting supplies for the life to come, and gaining a legal pleasure.

O Ali, no poverty is harsher than ignorance, no fortune is more useful than the mind, no loneliness is gloomier than self-esteem, no activity like moderation, no piety like abstinence, and no ancestry like good mannerism.

Untruth is the epidemic of speech, oblivion is the epidemic of knowledge, reminding (others of your favors) reproachfully is the epidemic of leniency.

O Ali, whenever your sight falls on the new moon, you should say 'Allahu Akbar three times, and say: 'All praise be to Allah Who created you and me and made you in various stages and made you a sign for all peoples.

O Ali, whenever you look in a mirror, you should say 'Allahu Akbar' three times, and say: O Allah, better my morals in the same way You bettered my creation.

O Ali, whenever a matter frightens you, you should say: O Allah, (I implore to You) by the right of Muhammad(S.A.W.) and Muhammad's(S.A.W.) family, relieve my fear.

Ali (A.S.) said: I asked, "O Allah's messenger, what are the words that are intended in Allah's saying: Then Adam received (some) words from his Lord? Holy Qur'an 2:37

The Prophet(S.A.W.) answered: O Ali, Allah brought down Adam (from Paradise) in India, Eve in Jeddah, the snake in Isfahan, and the Shaitan in Maysan(*).

Jeddah is a seaprot on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia, near Makkah. Isfahan is city in central Iran. Maysan is a city southern Iraq.

In Paradise, nothing was better than the snake, which had four legs like a camel, and the peacock. The Shaitan entered in the interior of the snake and could deceive Adam. Hence, Allah got angry at the snake.

He amputated its legs and said: I will make the dust as your earnings and will make you walk on your belly. I will not compassionate anyone who treats you kindly." He also got angry at the peacock because it showed the Shaitan the tree. Hence, He took its sound and two legs. For one hundred years, Adam stayed -in India- unable to raise the head to the heavens. He used to put the hands on the head weeping for his guilt. Then, Allah sent Gabriel the angel to tell him that the Exalted Lord sends His greetings to him and says:

"O Adam, have I not created you with My hand? Have I not lodged you in My Paradise? What for are you weeping, then?

You should utter these words and Allah will surely accept your repentance. Say: All praise is due to You.

There is no god but You. I had done wrong and wronged myself. Accept my repentance. You are surely the Oft-returning, the Merciful." (These were the words that Adam received from his Lord Who accepted his repentance.

O Ali, four characters are the signs of unhappiness: they are solidity of the eye, hard-heartedness, long hope, and fondness of the worldly pleasures.

O Ali, whenever someone praises you face to face, you should say: "O "Allah, make me better than what he thinks of me, forgive my sins that he does not know, and do not blame me for what he has said."

O Ali, whenever you copulate with your wife, you should say: "In the Name of Allah. O Allah, take the Shaitan away from what you will grant." If it is ordained that you will be given a baby, the Shaitan will never hurt it (if you say these words).

O Ali, begin (your meals) with the salt and end with it. Salt is surely the cure of seventy diseases the least of which is psychosis and leprosy.

O Ali, use the olive oil. The Shaitan will not approach those who use the olive oil for forty nights.

O Ali, do not copulate on the night before the fifteenth of every - lunar - month and the night before the first of every -lunar-month. Have you not notice that the insane are often affected on these two nights?

O Ali, if you have a baby, you should recite azan, in his right ear and recite iqama in the left. Thus, the Shaitan will never affect him.
O Ali, may I inform you of the evilest people? Ali(A.S.): I said, "Yes, you may, Allah's Messenger."

He(S.A.W.) said: they are those who never forgive and never overlook. May I inform of those who are worse than those people are? Ali(A.S.): I said, "Yes, you may, Allah's Messenger."

He(S.A.W.) said: They are those whose evil is not secured and good is not expected from them.
Another Commandment for Imam Ali(A.S.)

O Ali, do not go to the bathroom naked. Damn are those who go to the bathroom naked and those who look at them.

O Ali, do not wear a ring in the forefinger or the middle finger. People of Lot the prophet used to wear their rings in those two fingers. You should never disrobe the pinkie (A ring should always be in your pinkie).

O Ali, Allah surely likes the servant who says, "O Lord, forgive me. Except You, no one forgive the sins." In this case, the Lord says: "O My angels, My servant has known that except Me, no one forgives the sins. Be the witnesses, I have forgiven him."

O Ali, beware of telling untruths, for it blackens the face then the teller of lies will be recorded by Allah as liar. Honesty whitens the face and the honest will be recorded by Allah as truthful. You should know that honesty is blessed and lie is ill-omened.

O Ali, beware of backbiting and tale bearing. Backbiting breaks the -ritual- fasting and tale bearing causes the burial punishment.

O Ali, do not swear by Allah whether you say the truth or not except in cases of emergency. Do not make Allah the matter of your oath, for Allah will never keep or compassionate him who swears by His Name falsely.

O Ali, so not care for tomorrow's livelihood. Every tomorrow comes with its livelihood.

O Ali, beware of disputation, for it begins with ignorance and ends with regret.

O Ali, persist in using the toothbrush, for it purifies the mouth, satisfies the Lord, and betters the sight. Cleaning the teeth (with a special stick called khilal) makes the angels approach you, for they dislike the malodor of those who do not clean their mouths after eating.

O Ali, do not be angry (under any circumstances). If you are enraged, you should sit down and think of the Lord's power over His servants; yet, He treats them leniently. If someone say to you, "Fear Allah," you should try to relinquish your rage and cling to your (feeling of) clemency.

O Ali, whatever you spend for yourself, you will surely find it saved (for you) with Allah.

O Ali, show good mannerism to your folks, neighbors, associates, and friends, so that Allah will record the highest grades for you.

O Ali, you should dislike for others whatever you dislike for yourself and like for them whatever you like for yourself. This will make you a just arbitrator and a fair judge. Furthermore, the inhabitants of the heavens will favor you and the inhabitants of the earth will love you. You should keep my commandments, If Allah wills it, Inshallah.

Source: Tuhaf al-Uqoul

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