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The event that took place in saghifeh

Adopted from the book : "The Life Story and Martyrdom of Hazrate Fatemeh (s.a.)" by : "Mahdi Ja'fari"

The Ansars, after the death of our Prophet, decided to organize a meeting in a place called " Saghifeh Bani Saedeh " to choose and name their caliph. But the immigrants [ Abubakr, Omar and Abu Obeydeh Jarrah were their leaders ] soon knew of this meeting, and they came to talk and negotiate with the Ansars.

The immigrants wanted desperately to rob the Leadership from the Ansars, and to come to power themselves. So, to persuade the other party, they talked about many things with them.

Finally, they decided to choose Abubakr, as the rightful calife. In the midst of it all, there came an old man who, seeing that he had no choice but to reunite with Abubakr, told him:" It's like the day of Adam ..." [that is : as Satan was forced to adore Adam, he suddenly refused to do; and the same was being repeated there and then, and by doing this, all the human race was surely to be forced out of Heaven once more ...]

Now, outside Saghifeh, Ali was busy with the Prophet's funeral. Suddenly Salmane Farsi came and told him about the reunion of some of the immigrants with the Ansars, and the leadership of Abubakr.

Ali, after having all the preparations that was needed for that holy funeral, stopped to perform his prayer in front of the sanctified body of our Prophet. Many people came to show their dutiful respect to the Messenger of God for the last time, and to perform the prayer of the dead before his sanctified body and to bid him farewell ...

Afterwards, Ali did not linger with the mourners who had gathered there to show their loyalty to him.

But unfortunately, the majority of Muslims had given their oath to Abubakr.

Afterwards, when they saw Fatemeh, they used to say most peevishly: "we would rather have given our oath to your dignified husband than to Aboubakr ... but Abubakr was the first to ask for our allegiance ..."

And Fatemeh would reply: "What you mean is that my husband should have left the sanctified body of my respectful and noble father as it was lain on the floor, untouched, and that he should have come rapidly to you, to ask for your allegiance ...?! You mean to tell me that he should have left my beloved father, without the benefit of preparing him a dignified funeral?! You mean to tell me that he should have thought about his leadership, and begin a dispute for this earthly matter, instead of mourning my father?! All right ... May God remember your actions, and take measure for your deeds!"

After a while, the responsible man for that conspiracy decided to make Ali swear allegiance to them, so as to empower their fragile yet strong new position.

But Ali, by pretending that he was fully concentrated on collecting all the sourates of the Holy Qur'an replied:" I have sworn solemnly that until I have not collected all the sourates of the Holy Qur'an, and until I have not set them right, not to go out of my home and not to put my cloak [ Aba ] on my shoulders ... " so he refused firmly to swear allegiance to them. Unfortunately, the enemies had made a plan in case Ali would refuse to join them.

Someone by the name of Ghanfaz and his cruel gang, came in front of Ali's house to take him by force to mosque, so that he would swear allegiance to the new caliph.

But they were faced with Fatemeh's refusal to open the door. With a sign from Omar Ibn'l Khatab , the hateful servants of these men, with the leadership of Ghanfaz, made a fire and burnt the entrance door of Ali and Fatemeh's house. Then they kicked the burnt out door aside ... But what of it?

The door opened all right, but by having been shut open, the peg of the door encountered with Fatemeh's fragile bossom and hurt deeply the beautiful flower of the household of Mohammad ...

Suddenly the enemy entered the house. One hand on the sword, the other hand on the whip ...

Fatemeh on seeing this, cried out loud:" 0 Father!

O Messenger of God!" The enemy took out his sword, and with the width of his weapon, pushed her hard towards the wall, so much so that the ribs of this sweet, beloved lady, broke, and it resulted in a miscarriage ... The stillborn would have been a boy named Mohassa, even though it wasn't born yet ...

Fatemeheye Zahra hurt so much that she fell hardly on the ground, and began sobbing and crying out to her maid: "0 Fezzeh! Help me ... I swear to God that I have a miscarriage ..."

They then put a cord on Hazrate Ali's neck, to take him by force to the Mosque. Fatemeh pushed herself up, so that she could take the hem of Ali's clothes, and make him stay. But the hellish and hateful Ghanfaz, on seeing this, slashed Fâtemeh's arm with his whip so violently that her arm swelled at once ...

On the way to the mosque, a jewish man, upon seeing Hazrate Ali, greeted him most respectfully, and suddenly began to say the proper sentences [ The Shahadateyn ] so as to become a Muslim.

Somebody asked him curiously: "What made you believe the truth about Islam?"

He answered promptly :" It was the innocence I perceived in Hazrate Ali's being ..."

They took Hazrate Ali to the mosque and told him: "If you don't swear your allegiance to the new caliph, we will behead you surely!"Hazrate Ali replied to them :" If you do this, not only have you undoubtedly murdered a servant of God, but also the brother of our Prophet ..."

Fatemeh, after receiving such a terrible blow from her enemy, had fallen hardly on the groond and lost consciousness for a while. But after some time, she opened her eyes and said : " Fezzeh! Where is my lord, Ali? "

Her servant answered her sadly:" 0 milady! They took him to the mosque!"

Fatemeh took the hands of her two little sons Hassan and Hosseyn, and there she entered the mosque and began making a little speech, there and then.

She said:" Leave my cousin and husband alone! Otherwise I will discover my hair, to show my utter desperation and grief in this very place ... I have put the very cloth that the Prophet used to wear, on my head, and then I will go to the grave of my Father and will complain against you all! "

The fiery words of Fatemeh, with the refusal of Hazrate Ali to swear his allegiance, and the arrival of the faithful friends of the Messenger of God in that moment, made the enemies retreat, and they were forced to let Hazrate Ali go his way ... By what is written officially, this event took place exactly six days after the death of the Prophet ...

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