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The death of he who had Graced the world with his innocent presence

Adopted from the book : "The Life Story and Martyrdom of Hazrate Fatemeh (s.a.)" by : "Mahdi Ja'fari"

It was the tenth year of the immigration of the Messenger of God to Medina. After his return for the from his last Pilgrimage [Hajj], and after having said his farewell to all the Muslims who had accompanied him to Ghadir, with the Archangel Gabriel's announcement, he came to know that he had an important mission to accomplish. In fact, the future of the Muslims, depended solely upon their reunion with Ali, as the sole Imam of the Muslims, and upon their pledge to him as their lord.

The Prophet was spending his last days on earth in Medina ... Upon discovering the motive of her father's wish to talk, Fatemeh began to cry like a river, and her noble and beloved father, in a hushed voice, confided in her that she would soon be the first person to join him in the Hereafter. Suddenly, a beautiful and sweet smile appeared on Fatemeh's gracious face, and that was the reason why the few people who were present there at that time, never understood nor discovered the real reason for Fatemeh's sudden crying and smiling.

But then, the days to come, proved exactly what meant Fatemeh's crying and smiling ...

The sad time to bid farewell had finally come ...

The Messenger of God demanded some paper and something to write; But then came out those undignified and spiteful sentences from the mouth of one those unfaithful enemies who hated the Prophet:" He is raving! We shouldn't be listening to what he has to say ..."So then, the Prophet told everyone to leave him alone, and said his last wishes to Ali, Fatemeh Hassan and Hosseyn, and revealed some of the things that would happen in the future. He also revealed the sad truth about the fact that nobody would offer the Leadership to Ali, and that his rightful place would be taken by force by other people.

He then said to Ali, in the most gracious manner: "The best thing for you to do is to wait ..."

Ali said most respectfully:" You have ordered me to wait, I will do as you wish, and ignore what is my rightful due ..."

Suddenly, there came many sad cries ... For the news of the Prophet's death and his Ascension to Heavens, soon reached the people of Medina. The conspirators and the enemies of the Prophet, soon found out that it was the best possible time to begin their hateful conspiracy.

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