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The Battle of Ohud

Adopted from the book : "Story of the Holy Ka’aba And its People" by : "S.M.R. Shabbar"

In the 3rd year of Hijra, ‘The Battle of Ohud’ took place. The Makkans did not like their defeat in Badr and began their preparations in earnest. They came with 3000 men to fight Islam. Muhammad (SA) heard the news and came out of Madina with 700 men. Muhammad(SA) arranged his small army in such a way that the mountain was behind them. Some 30 archers from the Iarmy were strategically placed in an opening in the mountain to protect the muslims from any attack from behind. Initially the Makkans were no match for the valour of the muslim soldiers and they began to run away. Newly converted Muslim soldiers prematurely thought they had won the war, so they began to take possession of the booty of war. When the 30 archers saw this, they left their strategic mountain pass to join the others.

Khalid Ibne Walid saw this opening and cleverly attacked from behind on the person of the Prophet himself. It was Ali (AS) and a few other true companions of the Prophet that saved the day and saved the life of the Prophet. The Prophet was himself injured by a stone. Khalid Ibne Walid shouted ‘Muhammad is killed’, upon which hearing this, many companions began to run away in panic. The wounded Prophet was left in the battlefield with only Ali, Hamza, Abu Dajjana and Zakwan to defend him. These brave warriors fought fiercely and during this encounter Hamza was killed by a spear wound inflicted by the Slave of Abu Sofian’s wife Hind. Zakwan and Abu Dajjana lay wounded and Ali was left alone to defend the Holy Prophet. Ali had received 16 wounds during this battle. He picked up the Holy Prophet while he was surrounded by the enemy and with Khalid shouting to finish the Prophet off for good. Ali fought against them, killing two of them, which led the others to run away. Ali (AS) boldly lifted the Holy Prophet and carried him to the mountain and safety. Ali kept shouting “ the Holy Prophet is alive” so that the muslims who ran away might come back. Those muslims who had not run far returned and saw the wounded Prophet and his daughter Fatima (SA) attending to his wounds. They took heart and began to fight the enemy under the command of Ali (AS) and drove them away.

The victory was gained. The Prophet returned to Madina and declared three days of mourning for his uncle Hamza. The Holy Prophet said afterwards that Ali’s bravery was applauded by Angel Gabril who said that there is no braver youth than Ali and no better sword than Zilfiqar.(Details of this battle can be read in the History of Tabari, Waqidi and Abul Fida).

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