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The Battle of Badr

Adopted from the book : "Story of the Holy Ka’aba And its People" by : "S.M.R. Shabbar"

In the 2nd year of Hijra, 624 AD, 'The Battle of Badr' took place. The Makkans marched towards Madina with 1000 soldiers. Muhammad (SA) with his army of 313 men cam out of Madina. Badr is situated some 10 miles south of Madina and 240 miles north of Makka. The Makkans travelled all the way to Madina to defeat Islam. The Muslims had no choice but to defend Islam. Hamza, Ali Obaida came out of the Muslim side in single combat with the chiefs of Makka who were all slain. The battle ensued and at the end of the day the Makkans were defeated with 70 dead, while very few muslims were killed. Those Makkans who were taken captive were told that if they could teach muslims to read and write, they would live freely in the city and be provided with food and shelter. This was a clear direction that gaining knowledge was the first priority in Islam.

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