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Temporary Marriage (Mut’ah)


·    Issue 826: In temporary marriage it is obligatory to specify the period (of the marriage) and the amount of the dowry, without that the marriage is invalid.


·    Issue 827: Temporary marriage is permissible although it not be for enjoyment and pleasure. Rather, with the intention that it will make a person lawful for one of the relatives of the daughter with the condition that the daughter who is married with the temporary marriage is in the age acceptable for enjoyment and pleasure. For example, when she is a minor, it is obligatory to make the period long so that it includes the interval of her preparation for that (although the period be granted after the marriage)


·    Issue 828: It is permissible for a woman to stipulate in the temporary marriage that her husband will not have intercourse with her, rather, that he be content with other (types of) pleasure besides intercourse. However, there is no objection if she agrees (to intercourse) after that.


·    Issue 829: There is no right of maintenance for the temporary wife even though she becomes pregnant from (her temporary husband). There is no inheritance from the husband and the husband does not inherit from her. Likewise, there is no obligatory conjugal rights for her.


·    Issue 830: It is permissible for the temporary wife to leave the house without the permission of her husband or to select for herself employment outside of the house, except that when her leaving the house forsakes the right of her husband.


·    Issue 831: It is permissible for the father and grandfather, in order to become a close relative (Mahram) to a woman that they marry her to their immature son (with the condition that the period of the marriage is so long that it includes the interval in which the child will become capable of sexual enjoyment.


Likewise, it is permissible that (a man) marry his immature daughter to a person in order that he become a close relative (Mahram) to his family (with the same condition which has passed in the instance of the son). It is obligatory in both situations, according to obligatory precaution, that the contract has benefit and advantage for both sides and that it be devoid of corruption.


·    Issue 832: It is permissible for a man that he grants the period of the temporary marriage (to his wife) and terminate it. In this situation, if he had intercourse with her, it is obligatory that he pay the entire dowry and if he had not had intercourse with her, he give her one half of the dowry.


·    Issue 833: It is permissible for a man to marry himself permanently to the wife whom he married temporarily, however, it is obligatory to first grant to her the remainder of the period (of the temporary marriage), then, he can marry her in a permanent marriage anew.


·    Issue 834: There is a period of seclusion ('Iddah) for the temporary wife after the termination of the period (of the marriage) with the explanation which will come in the Book of Divorce. The children born from this marriage have all the rights established for children who are born from permanent marriage. They inherit from their mothers and their fathers and their relatives although the two spouses (in the temporary marriage) do not inherit from one another.



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