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Rules of Permanent Marriage
































































·    ISUE 822: It is not permissible for a woman married in permanent marriage to leave the house or select an occupation or employment outside of the house without her husband's permission whether his agreement is verbal or his agreement is known in context. Just as it is not permitted that she prevent him for sexual intercourse without a legal excuse.
































































It is obligatory upon the husband also that he provide food, clothing, residence and the necessities of life for his wife according to the common (standard). Even the expenses of the doctor, medicine and things similar to that. When he does not provide that, then, the precaution is that he becomes indebted to her for that whether he be able or unable (to provide it).
































































·    Issue 823: It is not obligatory upon the woman that she perform household services, prepare food and clean and things similar to that in the house except by her desire. If the husband forces her to do that, it is permissible that she can take compensation from him in exchange for that (work).
































































·    Issue 824: It is not obligatory to specify the dowry (Mahr) in permanent marriage and the contract is proper without it. However, after the husband has intercourse with her, it is obligatory that he give her a dowry in accordance with women of her stature (Mahr Mithl).
































































·    Issue 825: When a time period was not specified for paying the dowry, it is the right of the woman to seek her dowry immediately. Rather, it is permitted that she prevent her husband from intercourse with her before taking possession of her dowry, whether her husband is able to pay the dowry or not, except that his lack of ability (to give the dowry was evident) from the beginning an indication that the dowry was initially in his liability and not a cash situation.
































































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