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Tawaaf al-Ziyaarah

482. The seventh act of the Hajj is Tawaaf al-Ziyaarah also known as Tawaaf al-Hajj. After performing the rites of Mina, it is obligatory to return to the holy city of Makkah to perform the rest of the obligatory rites.
483. Tawaaf al-Ziyaarah is like the tawaaf in the Tamattu Umrah, and its obligations are like those of the latter too, as well as the acts that are mostahab or makruh, or those acts that invalidate it. The only exception is the niyyah, which should be uttered as follows: "I perform tawaaf around this House seven rounds [for] Tawaaf al-Ziyaarah for the Tamattu Hajj seeking nearness to Allah Almighty".

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