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Obligations of the halq and taqseer

474. The obligations of the halq and taqseer are three:
I. to be in Mina
II. the niyyah
III. the order, as a precaution
1. Being in Mina
475. It is obligatory that the halq or taqseer is performed in Mina, and it is not permissible elsewhere.
476. If one left Mina without performing the halq or taqseer, whether deliberately, or due to an oversight or forgetting, it is mandatory for him to return to Mina to perform the halq or taqseer, if this was possible, otherwise he should do so where he is, and it is desirable to send his hair or fingernails to Mina to be buried or dropped there.
2. The niyyah
477. It is obligatory to have the niyyah or the intention for the halq or the taqseer, just like any other acts of worship or rite. For halq, he should say, "I perform the halq as part of the Hajj duty, seeking nearness to Allah Almighty." In the case of trimming taqseer one should use the word taqseer instead of halq in the niyyah declaration.
3. Order
478. As a precaution, one should observe the order for the halq / taqseer, in that they should be performed after the [slaughter of the] Had'y. If one contravened that either deliberately or due to an oversight or ignorance, he is not obliged to anything. Although in the case of deliberate contravention, or that without an excuse, one should as an obligatory precaution, repeat it such that the order is maintained.
479. It is obligatory to observe the order of the halq / taqseer in that it should be executed before performing the Tawaaf al-Ziyaarah, which will be mentioned InSha'Allah. Thus if one performed the tawaaf before halq / taqseer, he should repeat [them in the correct order] even if his action was due to oversight.

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