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Sulaiman bin Sird

Adopted from the book : "Mukhtar al-Thaqafi" by : "Kamal al-Seyyed"

Sulaiman bin Sird was a good companion. He and the Kufians felt pain because they did not support Imam Husayn at the Battle of Karbala. For this reason, he asked them to turn to Allah in repentance.

Four thousand Muslims followed him. He formed an army. He announced his revolution against the Umayyads, who killed Imam Husayn and captured his family.

Although the soldiers were few in number, they were very eager to start the fight. First, they visited Imam Husayn's tomb and wept very much. Then they headed for Shaam.

Ubaidullah bin Ziyad formed an army of eight thousand soldiers.

The two armies met at Ain al-Warda on the borders between Iraq and Sham.

Violent fights took place.

Sulaiman bin Sird passed away during the fights. Ryfaah bin Shaddad headed the army after Sulaiman bin Sird. Then he decided to withdraw the army to Kufa.

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