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Mukhtar announces the Revolution

Adopted from the book : "Mukhtar al-Thaqafi" by : "Kamal al-Seyyed"

Abdullah bin Umar bin al Khattab interceded for Mukhtar again. He was released.

Having left prison, Mukhtar began calling up the people to punish the persons who committed the Karbala massacre.

In the meantime, he received a letter from Muhammad bin al-Hanafiyah, Imam Ali's son. In his letter Muhammad announced his support to Mukhtar.

Muhammad's attitude encouraged people to stand by Mukhtar. Ibraheem al-Ashtar, a brave senior army leader, joined Mukhtar .

The revolutionaries fixed time to announce the revolution. The time was Thursday night, Rabi al-Awwal 14th, 66 A.H.

The spies were reporting about Mukhtar's movements. Meanwhile, the police were roaming through the streets of Kufa.

The Revolution Breaks Out

On Tuesday night, 12th Rabi al-Awwal, namely two days before the revolution, on the way to Mukhtar's house, Ibraheem al-Ashtar and some of his friends came across a patrol. The commander of the patrol said:

Who are you?

Ibraheem replied:

I'm Ibraheem al-Ashtar

The commander of the patrol said:

Who are those with you? Have you permission to go out at night?


We must arrest you!

Ibraheem al-Ashtar was forced to attack the Commander. He killed him. The rest of the patrol ran away.

Ibraheem al-Ashtar and his friends hurried to Mukhtar . They told him about the incident. Ibraheem al-Ashtar said to Mukhtar :

You must announce the revolution at once!

Mukhtar said:

What has happened?

I have killed the Commander of the patrol. It's important to announce the revolution at once.

Mukhtar became cheerful and said:

May Allah make you happy! This is the beginning of the conquest!

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