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Some of the Conditions of the Ram'y

442. [When collecting the stones, one should consider] some of the conditions of the stones collected for the Ram'y:
the stones should be virgin, i.e. they should not have been used for Ram'y previously,
they should be of an average size, neither too big nor too small, but the size of a finger segment,
they should be stones or pebbles but not clay or dried mud,
it is not necessary for them to be taahir,
they must be collected from the Haram district.
443. Continuity between the seven throws is not conditional, and one may have a slight rest in the process. However, if the time gap was long, he must, as a precaution, renew the Ram'y again. Similarly continuity is not conditional for the three Jamaraat, i.e. one can perform the Ram'y on the first in the morning, the second by midday, and the third before sunset. This latter case is applicable to the 11th and the 12th day, when one must perform the Ram'y on all three Jamaraat.


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