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Had'y or Sacrifice

444. The fifth rite of the Hajj is the Had'y, which is the slaughter of the animal that takes place after performing the Ram'y.
445. For the Had'y it is obligatory to offer one animal, and it is recommended to offer more, without limit. The Had'y is obligatory in the Tamattu Hajj, even if the Hajj was a mostahab one, and even, as a precaution, if one was from the people of Makkah. As for the qaarin, the one performing the Qiraan Hajj, the Had'y is also obligatory as he brings the Had'y with him. The exception is the Ifraad Hajj where a had'y is not required.
446. If an animal is not available for slaughter or the Haajj (pilgrim) cannot find an animal, even though he has the money to cover the cost, and he decided to go back home, he must leave the money with someone he trusts to buy and slaughter the animal on his behalf, during the month of Dhil-Hejjah. If he could not do so in that year, he must do so in the following year in the month of Dhil-Hejjah.
447. One Had'y must be offered by one person only, thus it is not permitted for two or more individuals to share one Had'y, under normal circumstances. If there is a necessity [to share one had'y], as a precaution, [the individuals] should offer both the Had'y [the shared one] as well as each fasting [ten days][33]. This is applicable to the obligatory Hajj, however, in the case of mostahab Hajj; it is permissible to share one Had'y.
448. If one bought a Had'y and then lost it, he must buy a second one, but if he found the lost one, he must slaughter the one he had lost, and, as a precaution, it is recommended that he should also slaughter the second one too. If he slaughtered the second one before finding the one he had lost, it is preferred, but in fact obligatory as a precaution, to it too.


[33] Three days of which should be performed during the Hajj season, and the remaining seven when they go back home.

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