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Rites of Mina

4. Ram'y [stoning] of Jamarat-al-Aqabah
428. The fourth rite of Hajj is the Ram'y. When the pilgrim arrives in Mina he should first go to Jamarat-al-Aqabah, which is the first obelisk, also known as al- Jamarat-al-Kubra The Greater Obelisk. The pilgrim should stone this obelisk with seven stones that he collected from the Mashar, or from within the borders of the sacred Haram.
429. The time for the Ram'y [stoning] of the first obelisk is on the Day of Eid, from sunrise to sunset. The Ram'y is the first of the rites of Mina, and thus it is not permissible, as a precaution, to bring forward any of the other rites, namely the Had'y and the halq.
Obligations of the Ram'y
430. A number of issues are obligatory in Ram'y:
I. niyyah or intention,
II. number [of stoning],
III. hitting of the Jamara,
IV. sequence of stoning,
V. Ram'y during the day.
1. Niyyah
431. [Declaring] the niyyah or intention is mandatory in Ram'y, and it should be declared at the time of the first throw, and continue to be the same to the last one. It is preferable for the Haajj (pilgrim) to utter niyyah by saying, "Armi (I stone) Jamarat-al-Aqabah seven times seeking nearness to Allah Almighty".
2. The Number of Stoning
432. It is obligatory that the Ram'y consists of throwing seven stones, and therefore if they were less than that, it would not be qualifying, and he must ensure to make up for the missing ones. On the other hand, if one threw more than seven, [doing so] as a precaution, then there is no objection to that.
3. Hitting the Jamara
433. It is obligatory in the Ram'y, that the Jamara, or its location, is hit with every one of the seven stones in that Ram'y. If one [of the stones] went astray, it is mandatory to attempt another throw so that it hits the Jamara. [The stones] reaching [the Jamara, as opposed to hitting it] is not sufficient, nor is placing the stones on the target, [as opposed to throwing them].
434. If one threw the stone at the Jamara, and it hit something en route, but it still hit the Jamara, then there is no objection to that, and it counts [as one hit]. Unless the stone bounced off something that is solid such as another stone, and eventually hit the Jamara, in this case this does not qualify [as a hit], as a precaution.
435. If during the process of the Ram'y, the Raami [the person performing the Ram'y - throwing the stones] doubted whether the stone(s) hit the Jamara, he should assume not and throw others instead.
436. If after completing the Ram'y he doubted whether he had hit the Jamara or not, he should ignore his doubt, regardless of his doubt being about the number of hits or any other obligatory aspect of the Ram'y.
437. It is permissible in general to perform the Ram'y from the upper level, instead of the ground level, whether out of choice or due to compulsion. Also it is permissible to hit the extensions of the column of the Jamara, longitudinally or latitudinally.
4. Sequential order
438. It is mandatory that the Ram'y is done in sequential order, i.e. to throw the seven stones one-by-one each hitting [the Jamara]. It would not be acceptable if one threw the seven stones all at once, even if all seven hit [the target]. Similarly it would not be acceptable if one threw two or more stones at a time.
439. It is not mandatory to throw the stone with the right hand, and one is permitted to do so with the left hand, even by choice. Although throwing by the right hand is preferred.
5. To perform the Ram'y during the day
440. It is obligatory to perform the Ram'y during the daylight, i.e. from sunrise to sunset. However, if one cannot observe the Designated woquf in Mashar al-Haraam, and observed the Emergency woquf during the night, and entered Mina, it is permissible for him to perform the Ram'y during the night, like the women, children, the elderly, and the sick.
441. If due to an excuse one performed the Ram'y during the night, but during the day his excuse was no more, he is not obliged to repeat the Ram'y, although as a precaution it is [recommended to do so].

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