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Some Necessary Steps to Help Prevent Kids from Getting Kidney Stones

When you think of kidney stones you don't usually think of kids. Physician from all around the country are reporting an increase in the kids being seen for this painful condition. As parents we should all be alarmed and take the necessary steps to help prevent kidney stones in our children.

1. Drinking water appears to be high on the list for prevention. It may be a challenge at first to get your children to drink more water but with a little negotiating it can be done. For my girls if they want soft drinks or soda they have to drink one glass of water for every glass of soda that they want. They have to drink the glass of water first and then they can have the soft drink. This will get them to drink their water and fill them up so that they will want less of the sugary drink.

2. Cut back on the fast foods that your kids eat. Cut back on the salt. Eating a balance diet can also help in the prevention of kidney stones. More veggies and less salt intake is a must.

3. Exercise can not be stressed enough. More and more kids are obese then ever before. When I was a child there were plenty of parks to play, jump and run in. Now it seems that children spend more time in front of the television and online then outside getting their share of playtime. Join your kids in time outside playing jump rope Hula-hoop, our tag as a way to get them moving.

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