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Some Don’ts in Religious Training

Don’t do it harshly. Getting angry with the child and forcing him leads to resentment. It is better to explain, and discuss with the child.

Don’t overdo it. Teach religion in moderate doses. Overdoing it can be harmful and can be a burden for a child. A young child, for example, should not be made to recite a lot of duas and mustahab prayers if he is unwilling.

Don’t teach Islam to show off. Children should not be taught to be religious so parents can be proud of them in the community.

Don’t make Islam a burden. Some parents believe that Islam is too difficult. Although they practice it, they pass on the feeling that to them hijab, fasting, and other such rules are really a great burden. This will discourage the child.

Adopted from the book: "Raising Children" by: "Tahera Kassamali"

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