Rafed English

Snow Balls


250g butter
575ml sugar
6 eggs
500g self rising flours
125ml cake flour
10 ml baking powder
+- 250g milk

For Rolling:

Apricot jam, smooth and softened with boiling water desiccated coconut, coloured as required.

For Filling:

Whipped cream


Heat oven to 180C and coat muffin/ snowball trays with non stick cooking spray. Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating until smooth. Sift in flour and baking powder, alternating with milk, and fold in well. Pour equally into moulds and bake for 10 – 12 minutes or until lightly golden and springy to the touch. Remove to a wire rack and cool. Dip snow balls in warmed and then in coconut. Allow to set cut in half and wipe with fresh cream. Makes 36 – 40.

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