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Should I break my fast with coffee and tea?

Coffee and tea make you lose more water when you wee (diuretics), which may dehydrate you. And drinking tea and coffee with food can reduce the amount of iron that your body is able to absorb.

You shouldn't have more than 200mg of caffeine a day when you are pregnant, which is about two cups of instant coffee (Miles and Foxen 2009). Remember that chocolate and green tea also contain some caffeine.

Instead drink water or fruit juice (NHS 2011). Liven up water by adding a slice of lime or lemon. A fruit smoothie made with milk, yoghurt, ice and fruit makes a refreshing drink and gives you some of your daily fruit allowance.

Any other tips for fasting?

During Ramadan your activity level is likely to decrease. In pregnancy this may make you feel a little lethargic. For a healthy fast, as well as eating a healthy diet, make sure that you:

* Limit sweets and high-sugar, high-fat desserts, such as balushahi, to no more than once a week. Fresh fruit is a great alternative (NHS 2010).

* After dinner, relax for a while, and then get up and move around.

* Avoid snacking late in the evening before sleeping, but be sure to take your Suhoor.

* Drink plenty of water between Iftar and Suhoor to prevent dehydration.

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