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Shimr's Trick

Shimr had a distant relation to 'Abbas on his mother's side. He wanted to divide Imam Husayn's family. Shimr went near the Imam's camp and yelled in a loud voice, "Where are the children of our sister?"

'Abbas and his brothers did not answer when they heard him yelling. The Imam asked, "Why do you not answer him? He is your relative."

So, 'Abbas and his brothers went out and said, "What do you want? What is the matter with you?"
He said, "O children of my sister! You have clemency. Do not kill yourselves With Husayn. Come to the obedience of the leader of the faithful Yazid.''

'Abbas said, "God curse you and your clemency! You give us clemency and you do not give clemency to the grandson of the Prophet of God? And you are asking us to enter the obedience of the cursed people and those who are children of cursed people?"

Then, 'Abbas left him and came back to the tents.

When 'Abbas got back, Zuhayr went to him and said, "I would like to tell you a story. When your father wanted to marry, he went to his brother 'Aqil to choose for him a woman of a brave tribe. He wanted to have a brave child and your father wanted you for this day to help your brother."
'Abbas replied, "Are you trying to encourage me? Today, of all days! God knows what I am going to do today! To help my brother! My Imam!"

Then, Habib Ibn Muzahir al-Asadi asked permission from the Imam to go talk to his tribe, Banu Asad. The Imam gave him permission. He went and they recognized him. He asked them to come and help the Imam. Ninety of them went to join him, but one of the other tribes went and told the news to 'Umar Ibn Sa'd. 'Umar sent four hundred men to stop the ninety from reaching the Imam's camp. They fought and struggled to reach the Imam. Some were killed, others returned to their tribe, and only Habib made it back to the Imam's camp.

Adapted from the book: "Karbala & Ashura" by: "Ali Hussain Jalali"

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