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Events of the Eighth of Muharram

The Imam sent Ibn Qurdah al-Ansari to 'Umar Ibn Sa'd to ask for a meeting between the two camps. He agreed and each of them came with twenty guards. The Imam said to his followers to wait behind, except for his brother 'Abbas and his son 'Ali. 'Umar Ibn Sa'd did the same leaving everyone behind except for his son and his slave.

The Imam said to 'Umar, "Are you going to fight with me? Do you not fear God on the Day of Judgment? You know who I am. Why do you not leave these people and join me?"
'Umar said, "I am afraid that my house will be demolished."

The Imam said, "I will rebuild it for you."

'Umar said, "I am afraid my village will be confiscated."

The Imam said, "I will give you a better village from my property in the Hijaz area."

'Umar said, "I have children and I am afraid Ibn Ziyad is going to kill them."

The Imam, knowing that his excuses were fake, said to 'Umar, "God is going to order someone to kill you in your bed and you will not get even a handful of the wheat of Iraq."

'Umar said sarcastically, "Barley is enough for me."

'Umar Ibn Sa'd sent a letter to Ibn Ziyad and in it he claimed, "The Imam agrees to return back to the place he came from or any other place in the army camp and be like one of the individual Muslims or come to the leader of the faithful Yazid and put his hand in his hand so they can see what they do to each other." He added, "That is the best solution for you and for the whole nation."
Ibn Ziyad gathered his council and said, "This is not a bad idea."

Shimr interrupted him, "No! This cannot be! If you do not get him now, you will not be able to get him again! He is weak now and you are now strong!"

Ibn Ziyad immediately wrote to 'Umar Ibn Sa'd "Indeed, I did not send you to Husayn as a mediator nor to give him promises. Look! If Husayn and his followers accept my rule, take them alive and send them to me. If they do not, attack them, kill them, and cut off their hands, feet, noses and other parts.

If Husayn is killed, march the horses on his chest and his back. I do not think that would hurt him after death! If you do so, you have your reward with us. If you do not, you must immediately resign and Shimr Ibn Dhil-Jawshan will be your replacement as the leader of the Army. I have ordered him to do so."

Shimr brought the letter to 'Umar Ibn Sa'd who read it and said, "You are responsible for this! We have planned for a solution and you destroyed it! Indeed, by God, Husayn is not going to submit. Indeed, the soul of his father is between his chest."

Shimr said, "Tell me, are you going to obey your leader or not?"

'Umar said, "I am going to do it, and I will not let you have that honor. You take leadership of the infantry."

Adapted from the book: "Karbala & Ashura" by: "Ali Hussain Jalali"

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