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Sermon of the Holy Imam on the Day of Ashoora

AT LAST WHEN it became sure that the devilish forces were bent upon a wholesale massacre, Husain spoke out aloud addressing the men of the Yazidian forces in an apostolic tune.

"0' people! Do ye recognise me? By God tell me?" The reply from the enemy was:

"By God, yes, We do recognise thee, Thou art the Son of the Holy Prophet."

Husain again said :-

"Do ye know me! Am I not the son of the Apostle of God?"

The reply was:

"Yes, we do know thee, Thou art the son of the Apostle of God."

Husain said:

"Do ye know that my father is Ali-al-Murtaza son of Abu Taleb, and my mother is Fatema Zahra, the daughter of the Apostle of God and my grandmother is Lady Khadija daughter of Khowailad, who was the first to embrace Islam?"

The reply was :-

"Yes. It is so."

Husain said :-

"By God, tell me, is not Hamza the Chief of the Martyrs of Islam, one of my uncles?"

The reply was :-


Husain said :-

"0' people! Do ye recognise this turban on my head, is it not the turban of the Holy Prophet and this sword in my hand, that of the Apostle of God?"

The reply was :-

"Yes we do recognise."

Husain said :-

"Do ye know that my father Ali ibne Ahi Taleb was the first among men to join the Holy Prophet in the faith Islam, and he was the most learned, and the most forbearing of all men and was the 'Maula' (or the Master, Lord) of all men and women?"

The reply was:

"Yes! We know that everything thou sayest is truth."

Then Husain asked aloud:

"Say ye then, why do ye make lawful the shedding of my blood?"

The reply from the brutal forces was:-

"Yes! We shall kill thee in thy thirst."

The voice of the Holy Imam was heard in the tents in camp. The ladies and the children hearing the last reply from the enemy began to weep for Husain and Zainab and Omme Kulthoom the two sisters of Husain, the daughter of Ali and Fatema were the most effected.

(Zindagani Husain-Imadzadeh, Tehran)

Adapted from the book: "Husain; The Saviour of Islam" by: "S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali"

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