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Sayings of Imam Reza (A.S) about the Martyrdom of Imam Hussein (A.S)

Rayyan ibn Shabeeb relates that once when he visited the Prophet's 8thInfallible Successor, Imam Reza (A.S), on the advent of Muharram, the Imam said: "O Ibn Shabeeb! Muharram is the month in which the people of the Age of Ignorance (Jahiliyya) had forbidden the committing of any oppression as well as armed conflicts. Yet, this ummah did not respect the sanctity of this month or the dignity of their own Prophet. In this month, they killed the Prophet’s offspring… God will never forgive them.

"O Ibn Shabeeb! If you wish to cry, then cry for Husain who was slaughtered like a sheep, and was killed along with the members of his household. Eighteen people were martyred along with him who had no equal on Earth. The seven heavens and the earths mourned in his martyrdom…

"O Ibn Shabeeb! If you cry for Hussein (A.S) in such a way that tears flow down your cheeks, then God will forgive all the sins that you have committed whether minor or major, whether they be a few instances or a lot…

"O Ibn Shabeeb! If you would like to meet the Honourable the Exalted God without having any sins then visit (the shrine of) Hussein (A.S).

"O Ibn Shabeeb! If you would like have the company of the Prophet in the halls of Paradise, then curse the murderers of Hussein (A.S).

"O Ibn Shabeeb! If you would like to be in the same high ranks in Paradise with us, then be sad when we are sad and be happy when we are happy."

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