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Piety and Mourning over Imam Hussein’s martyrdom

There are exceptional attributes assigned only to the friend of God, Imam Hussein. Since no act of God is without any reason or is in vain, and the said issue is not an exception, there is no doubt and question about it.
Since Imam Hussein devoted his entire life to the cause of God, sacrificed all his properties, wallowed in his own blood, witnessed the perishing away of his dear ones, therefore God bestowed great privileges on Imam Hussein, set love of Hussein as a source of redemption, tear on his martyrdom and pilgrimage to his shrine a means of proximity to Himself.

Today, not only Imam Hussein’s name and commemoration have not been forgotten, but also the number of his devotees has been increasing. In fact, his mourners pay more attention to his commemoration as a divine rite.

The principle that should be borne in mind by every individual is divine virtue. Of course, we should not think that if we commit all sorts of sins and do whatever we like and then will be forgiven by just chanting the name of Hussein.

It should be noted that divine virtue is the most fundamental issue. The criterion for the acceptance of any deed is piety and virtue. As the holy Qur’an states: “Only the deeds of the virtuous will be accepted.”

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