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Rushayd al-Hajri

Rushayd al-Hajri1

He was the student of Ali, peace be on Him, and his companions who devoted Himself to Him. He was a religious scholar. He was famous for the knowledge fo deaths and disasters. Many people narrated accounts on his authority. However, they all refrained from mentioning his name because they were afraid of the Umayyad rulers. No one narrated stories openly on his authority except his only daughter who attended Him when he was killed. It was she who gathered his limbs (ie, his hands and his legs) which b. Sumayya (i.e., Zyyad) cut off.

When his limbs were but off, his daughter asked Him: "O my father! Do you feel pain because of what has hit you? "No, my little daughter, but (it is) like the crowd among the people."

Rushayd was brought before Zyyad who said to Him: "What had your companion (ie, Ali, peace be on Him) told you about what we would do for you?

"You would cut off my hand, my leg and would hang me," said Rushayd. By Allah, I will refute his (ie, Ali's) words. Release Him!" When Rushayd wanted to go out Zyyad said: "Return Him! We find nothing more appropriate for you than what your companion had said to you. For you still intend to do evil for us if you remain (alive). Cut off his hands and his legs!" They (ie, the police men) cut them off while Rushayd was still speaking! Thus Zyyad said: "Hang Him!" "A thing for me is with you. I do not think that you have done it yet," said Rushayd. "Cut off his tongue!"shouted Zyyad. When they took out Rushayd's tongue, he said: "Release me to say one word." So they released Him, and he said; "By Allah, this confirms what the Commander of the faithful had told me. He had told me that my tongue would be cut off."

Rushayd was brought out of the palace while he was torn to pieaces. The people gathered around Him. He, may Allah be pleased with Him, died at the same night.

His daughter said: "I said to my father: "How hard your struggle is!" "My little daughter, people will come after us. Their insight will be for their religion. Thus (their struggle) will be better than ours," He answered.

Also he said to her: "My little daughter, make the speech die through concealment, and make the heart an abode for trust."2
1. He was attributed to Hajr (i.e., Bahrain).

2. Abbas al-Qummi, Safiinat al-Bihar, vol.1, p.522.

Adopted from the book: "Sulh al-Hasan (a.s.)" by: "Sheykh Radi al-Yasin"

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