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Juwayriya bin Mashar al-'Abdi

Ibn Abu al-Haddid said: "One day, Ali, peace be on Him, look at Juwayriya and called Him: Juwayriya, follow me. For when I see you, I love you. Then he told Him about some affairs secretly. His last words to Him were: Juwayriya, love the person whom we love as long as he loves us, and hate the one whom we hate as long as he hates us. However, if he loves us, then love Him. If he hates us, then hate Him.' Juwayriya devoted Himself to Ali, peace be on Him. Thus he came one day to Him, peace be on Him, while he was sleeping and there were people from his companions with Him, and called Him: "O you who is sleeping, get up. Indeed you will be hit on the top of your head so that your heard will be colored because of that hit. He (ie, Juwayriya) said: Thus the Commander of the faithful smiled, and then he said: "Juwayriya, I will tell you about your fate. By Him in whose hand is my soul, you will be taken by force to the rude basterd (ie, Zyyad). He will cut off your hand and your leg, and will kill you beside a short trunk. He (ie, the narrator) said: By Allah, only few days after that, Zyyad took Juwayriya, cut off his hand and his leg, and killed Him beside the trunk of b. M'akbar. It was a long trunk so that he hanged Him on a short trunk beside it."

I (ie, that author) say: Habbata al-Arani, may Allah be pleased with, has narrated this story, too. Moreover, he added the following words: "Zyyad b. Abih was among those who showed enmity towards the Commander of the faithul, peace be on Him. He followed the companions of Ali while he (ie, Zyyad) knew them very well. Still he killed them everywhere."

Adopted from the book: "Sulh al-Hasan (a.s.)" by: "Sheykh Radi al-Yasin"

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