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Room-by-Room House-Cleaning Guide - Bedroom

01. When vacuuming the bedroom, take a few extra moments to clean under the bed so the dust bunnies won't multiply.

02. While you get dressed in the morning, check your nightstand or dresser top and pick three to five items to toss out (ticket stubs, empty perfume bottles, for example). Clean the phone with an alcohol-based wipe or go through one drawer in your dresser, weeding out items you no longer wear or want.

03. Shorten the stack of bedside reading material by moving items you want to save back to the bookshelf or file cabinet and getting the rest ready for recycling.

04. If you don't have time for a thorough dusting, go over curtains, mini-blinds and the headboard with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum.

05. To save steps in making beds, store an extra set of sheets under the mattress. If you have a sofa bed, store linens and a bed pillow inside one of the pillow shams on the couch.

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