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Room-by-Room House-Cleaning Guide - Laundry Room

01. To avoid a huge weekend laundry day, try to do at least a couple of loads of towels or clothes during the week.

02. Cut laundry time by presorting items into baskets labeled towels, jeans, darks, lights, etc.

03. Before you do a load of wash, wipe off the front and sides of the washer and dryer with a damp cloth (then launder the cloth). Clear the lint filter with a comb.

04. Organize freshly washed linens into sets: Fold flat sheets in half the long way and then in half along the long fold (repeat fold for wider sheets). Do the same with the fitted sheets, laying each on top of a folded flat sheet. Fold the matching pillowcases in half (the long way too), lay them on top of the sheets and roll everything into one neat set. Stack on shelves; each family member can grab the set for his or her bed.

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