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Ramadan in Oman

We have almost reached halfway through the Holy Month of Ramadan here in Oman. However, it doesn’t feel like a fortnight of fasting when you look back, it feels that this month is passing us by a little too quickly.

Although, we all are excited about Eid and the holidays that will follow, Ramadan is a significant time of the year where the whole of the Muslim world is united in observing their prayers and fasting rituals that mark the holy month.

The holy month of 2012 came across in this region during the peak summer months and taking full advantage of the fact there are various hotels, resorts and tour operators with tantalising offers. Oman Air also brings you a host of Ramadan and Eid special packages which makes for an awesome opportunity for the visitors also, to understand and experience the best of Ramadan in Oman.

While the Middle East is experiencing scorching levels of heat, Salalah is hidden gem in the Dhofar region of Oman which is witnessing cooling rains with monsoon winds blowing from the Indian Ocean. The monsoon season is also known as the ‘Khareef’ season which brings the place back to life with overflowing lakes, active waterfalls, lush greenery, wildlife and much more!

Ramadan is also essentially a month of selflessness, reflection, sharing and helping the needy. Contrary to the belief that this month is exclusively for Muslims, ,there are various ways in which even non-Muslims and visitors can participate in the spirit of the month.

One of the most important and key part of Ramadan is ‘zakat’ or charity. Visitors can participate in charitable activities, they could also accept invitations in breaking of a fast. Or one could even try to fast for a day!

Ramadan in Oman can be a memorable time for visitors if they are ready to acknowledge the culture and spiritual heritage, being familiar with important Arabic expressions and greetings, as well as being mindful of the etiquette to be observed during the holy month.

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