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Qualifications of teachers

A teacher is the nation’s pioneer and the generations’ instructor who is bound with the greatest social responsibilities. The following are some qualities that teachers should carry:

- Teachers should be acquainted with a suitable amount of knowledge and science as supports in identifying the nature of the human behavior, reasons, and results lying behind this behavior.

- Teachers should acquire a set of skills helping in practising definite sorts of activities.

- Teachers should acquire a set of virtuous tendencies that help in a successful interaction with the pupils.

- Teachers should be punctual and capable of conducting and taking in consideration the various circumstances and situations.

- Teachers should supervise accurately their functions and use the best fruiting acts in the fields of performance.

Teachers are successful only when they contribute in rendering good citizens who serve their nations consciously and faithfully. Nations would collapse and the social progression would be hindered if teachers neglect these goals and stop at filling in the pupils’ minds with information only. Unfit teachers publicize psychological disorders among the pupils as if an infectious disease has affected them.. At any rate, the real education requires the teaching staff’s powers of working, intelligence, and endowing with the righteous customs, virtuous moralities, self-reliance, and consciousness.

They are also asked to fulfill the principals that are required by the genuine education. These principals are as follows: - The attainment to perfection.

- Benefiting by and guiding the children’s natural talents.

- Educating the desires and encouraging them on doing well.

- Caring for the pupils’ senses, bodies, and mentalities.

- The utility of the children’s personal activities for enabling them to benefit by the talents God has gifted and the virtuous tendencies they have inherited.

- Granting the children the opportunities of training on acquiring the best of customs and ethics..

Teachers should master the materials they teach. They also must have full acquaintance with the principals of psychology, education, sociology, and physiology. These principals qualify them to acquaint the children’s physical and mental potentials along with their natures, functions, and growth. Likewise, teachers should have familiarity of the most current surveys and norms of educationists. Teachers should apply and exploit these studies in the processes of educating the children. Finally, teachers should be good exemplars in personality and behavior..

Adapted from the book: "The Educational System in Islam" by: "Baqir Sharif Al-Qireshi"

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