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Education and Teachers’ Responsibilities

Teachers carry serious responsibilities and excellent duties. They are responsible -before God- for educating the young generations correctly and guaranteeing their future so that they will be their fathers’ relief and their nations’ representatives. Abul-Hassan an-Nadawi says, “I do not know a trust more responsible, serious, and influential in the nations’ future and present than education and teaching are. Any flaw in these fields may lead the nation to the deepest hallow, and may lead to evanescence, degeneracy, and anarchy in morals, sociology, policy, teaching, non-religiousness, and atheism. Education is the one and only means through which the guidance of the intellectualities and mentalities, the new national establishment, and the excellent future are achieved.”.

Teachers are in charge of any ideological or doctrinal aberrance that may affect the nation. They are also responsible for any mental maturity and cerebral disciplining of people. Gilbert Hyte compares between the professions of teaching and medicine. He makes the process of teaching more important than that of medicine. People may leave the insufficient physicians, but the little pupils do not realize their teachers’ negligence, and fathers do not accompany their children for exploring the real states of the teachers. Even if they do, they would not be able to realize the very reality of the teachers’ doing their jobs properly. It is easy for people to leave the insufficient physicians, while the little pupils cannot choose another teacher. Therefore, the responsibility of teachers is more serious than that of the physicians.. It is said, “If you want to seek the reason beyond a people’s development, you should search for their teachers.” An educationist says, “If we believe that the development and expansion of the children’s intellects, tendencies, and faculties is the school’s responsibility, the teaching they should receive before joining schools must be more exalted.”. John Luke believes that the human intellect is purely white when a child carries it to school. The school fills in its sides with human heritage and experiments. This means that the teachers’ processes of teaching have the greatest part in the composition of personal behaviors and supporting with potentials that are essential for achieving good success, noble living, and social true association.

Psychologists confirm that teachers are responsible for prompting the educational development. Societies have given the teachers the trust of contriving the children’s experts and inducing their talents and inclinations. They are also responsible for managing and guiding such development in such a good way that becomes the interests of the society and the individuals..

Adapted from the book: "The Educational System in Islam" by: "Baqir Sharif Al-Qireshi"

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