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Education and Duties of Teachers

The teaching message is not limited to enlightening the pupils with information. In fact, the teachers’ tasks are more comprehensive. Besides teaching and stuffing the pupils with knowledge, teachers should prepare them soundly to associate and establish their own lives in the various fields. Teachers should also provide for empowering the pupils’ talents, disciplining their morals, undertaking their desires and tendencies, planting virtues in their hiddens, and educating them according to the systems that confirm their societies’ traditions for making them good citizens. Moreover, the teaching staffs are responsible for founding the bonds of cooperation with the pupils so that they can identify their problems and behaviors. They should never misuse their positions. They should show their students a fraternal spirit to lead them to the right and establish in their minds the immunity against falling in crooked paths.

“Teachers are playing the role of the pupils’ pioneers and their guardians’ guides and masters. This is the base of composing sound societies.” Teachers can prepare virtuous and orthodox generations in the society only when they fulfill their educational missions so aptly and seed the ties of confidence and love with the pupils. Teachers should evade alignments and defects since these restrain the pupils’ individual and social activities. They are also required to describe the most significant gaps that hinder the pupils’ scientific development. Islamic educationists refer to other duties that the teachers ought to care and undertake.

-Teachers should provide a detailed study of the Islamic civilization and its values and developments. The influences of the Islamic civilization on the other civilizations should be focused, too.

-Teachers should provide a study of the current Islamic society for familiarizing the elements of the ceaseless modification and identifying the aspects of its power and weakness. Pupils should have full acquaintance with all of the parts of the participation in establishing a perceptive, powerful, and united Islamic society aiming for achieving justice, raising the levels of livelihood, and securing the individuals and the society.

-Teachers should present the geographical and cultural connections of the parts of the Islamic homeland, which is completely perfected and reciprocally coupling.

-Teachers should provide a comparative study of the teaching and the educational systems all over the Islamic countries.

-Teachers and pupils should visit the Islamic countries, and contact the educational and teaching institutes there.

-Teachers should arouse the Islamic sense in the pupils’ spirits by providing them with the spirits of taking pride in their religion so that this may reflect on the whole sorts of the aspects of individual and social behaviors.

-Teachers should provide a detailed study of the Islamic history and geography for identifying the Muslims’ past glories and present interests.

-Teachers should unveil the grand Islamic personalities in the various fields of the human civilization.

-Teachers should guide the pupils to their national duties in the social and political fields.

-Teachers should immunize the citizens against the foreign ideological invasion that intend to pervert the Islamic spirit.

-Teachers should enlighten Muslims of the threatening dangers of the imperialism and Zionism.

-Teachers should encourage Muslims on the positive activities that aim at liberating the territories that are seized by the Zionist gang.

-Teachers should provide the Islamic behavior that comprises the bases of common cooperation, responsibility, feelings, and sacrificing for the publics.

-Teachers should study the courses that lead the pupils to their duties to their parents and families.

Adapted from the book: "The Educational System in Islam" by: "Baqir Sharif Al-Qireshi"

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