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The Prophet (SAW) has said: “The root of prosperity and adversity of a people should first be sought  in the wombs of their mothers.”

The physical and spiritual well being of parents has an effect on the child right from the moment that they plan to have a child.

After conception anything a mother does has a lasting effect on the child. Therefore she must have good thoughts, listen, read and look at ‘good’ things.

The role of the father-to-be is just as important. He has to ensure that the mother of his child is assured a stress free pregnancy.

It is highly recommended to name the child as soon a woman knows she is pregnant rather than refer to him/her as it. Ideally name the child Muhammad or Fatima. The name may be changed after birth.

The Prophet (SAW) had chosen the name Muhsin for the child Sayyida Fatima Zahra (AS) was carrying whilst he was still in his mother’s womb.

The Prophet (SAW) has said: “The first duty of a parent towards his/her child is to give him/her a good name; you should therefore name your child with a good name.”

The Prophet (SAW) used to emphasise this aspect so much that Imam Ja’fer As-Sadiq (AS) has said: “The messenger of Allah used to change the bad names of people and places.”

· Complete at least one Qur’an

· Recite Suratu Maryam for easy childbirth

· Recite Suratul Qadr every day 7x for easy childbirth

· Recite Dua Yastasheer

· Avoid processed food

· Stay in wudhoo

· Recite: Ya Allah, Ya Khaliq, Ya Baariu, Ya Musawwiru everyday

Adapted from the book: "Nikah & Beyond" by: "qfatima.com"

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