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Peace and Comfort is only for the Faithful

A trader who cares for what is permissible and what is unlawful knows that the guarantor his sustenance or provision is Almighty God. So he does not indulge in dishonestly and unfair dealing in his business. He does not worship the buyer. He does not flatter or deceive his buyers. But the unlucky trader who does not care for truth and justice and fair play, flatters his buyers and deceives them in various ways. From every angle, we find such trader wrong and wayward. If we look from the material viewpoint, we will find that the deviated people are in no way superior to the righteous ones. Rather if there is anything like true happiness and peace of mind and comfort it is available only to the righteous and religious people: Oo Laa Ika… (Surah Anaam 6:82)
Translation: Only for such people is peace (and satisfaction) and only they are the rightly guided.

The Profit Of Materialists Is Doubtful

The summary of our say is that those who abide by the balance of truth have not lost or missed anything in this world also, nor are they now at any loss. Rather, even if there is any profit the alone are benefited by it. On the contrary, those poor people who deviate from the true path are certain to bear the loss in the Hereafter. Their profit in this world is also doubtful. Rather, they get nothing but loss and harm. For example, if he has gained a profit of ten rupees by way of cheating or unfair dealing, he spends its hundred fold in medicines. So, O people who seek satisfaction in this world! Never deviate from the true path. Let me know, have you ever suffered any loss due to walking the straight path? If you have not told a lie even in any single matter, have you definitely suffered any loss due that truthfulness? Then why should we ever leave the path of truth?

Come, let us all take an oath that we will never deviate from the balance of truth and the balance of truth is the person of the Amirul Momineen (a.s.).

Four Groups Of People According To Their Accounting
On the Day of Resurrection, people will be divided into four groups on the basis of their accounting: Some people will enter paradise without any accounting. They will be the friends of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) who never committed any unlawful (haram/prohibited) deed or they left the world after repenting. Another group will be quite opposite of them, that is, they will go to hell straight away without any accounting. About them God Almighty says in the Holy Quran: Fa Laa…Wazanaa. (Surah Kahaf 18:105)

Translation: So We will, on the Day of Resurrection, not established any balance of justice for them (and hurl them in the hell straight away). There will be no accounting of those who leave the world without Faith. There will be no value of their deeds because they had died without Faith.

Punishment For A Hundred Years Due To One Sin

The third group is of those people whose deeds will be worth weighing. They will remain suspended in the stage (station) of Qiyamat. But at last, since there good deeds will be more (than evils) they will get salvation. Of course their suspension in the station of accounting will be in proportion with their sins. Therefore, once the Holy Prophet told Ibne Masood: Man will remain suspended for a hundred years in Mahshar due to one sin (though finally he will enter paradise). Innal ... Aam

Of course, the narration does not specify as to what kind of sin it will be. So a faithful must fear the suspension in the station of Mahshar accounting. He should refrain from all big or small sins.

The fourth group will consist of those people the number of whose sins will be more than that of their good deeds. If they are lucky to get the intercession of the impeccable and if God showers His mercy on them, they will get salvation and will go to paradise. Otherwise they will be awarded the punishment in hell. They will have to remain in hell till they get purified by the chastisement. Then they will get salvation and angels will take them to paradise. No person who had even the slightest Faith will remain in hell forever. Only the denier Kafirs and the enemies of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) will live in hell permanently. It means they will get no reward (everything will be given to them either in the worldly or in Barzakh). Even if his good deeds are numerous, he will never get a place in paradise because the basis of entrance to paradise is belief in Almighty God and His Signs (verses). One who does not have faith in God and who dies in such a condition, how can he ever see paradise?

The Provision Of Righteousness Is To Die With Faith

It is mentioned in the hadith regarding a Beduin and Soosmaar (lizard) found in Behaar-ul-Anwaar, vol. 10 that the Holy Prophet once said: I will provide guarantee the provision of righteousness to the one who will provide a journey provision to this beduine. Salman asked: O messenger of God! What is the provision of righteousness? The Hazrat said: Saying Laa Ilaah Illallaah at the time of death. If you say so at that time, you will see me. Otherwise you will not see me.

It must be understood here that here, saying the Kalima-e-Tawheed means dying with faith in heart. So if one is in the state of dying and is unable even to move tongue and to utter anything, the said faith in heart is enough. In such condition if people make him hear Talqueen, he must take it to heart.

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