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Scream of Shaytan

Some of the human acts are so much unpleasant upon the Satan that he began to cry and lament and with uneasiness he gets weak and feeble. Please pay your attention to this story.

One day Satan was standing in a corner of Masjid ul Haram and the messenger of God Muhammad was busy in the circumambulation Tavaf of the kaaba. When the messenger was finished his tavaf observed the Iblis pale and thin standing in a corner.

The messenger told him: O cursed one, what happened to you that you became so much feeble and sick.
He said: Your nation had burnt and killed me. The great prophet asked: What have they did to you? he said: O messenger of God! They have some of the good characters that I wanted to snatch them but I could not.
The prophet said: What are conducts that they made you so much upset.

Satan replied:Their first manner is when ever they meet each other they greet with salam. It is one of the name of God and who ever greets salam the Almighty God save him from all the sorrows and misfortunes.
And the one who responds the salam the Benevolent God brings him under the shadow of his kindness.

Secondly when they meet each other they shake hands. it has so much rewards from the God that as soon as they leave the hands, the omnipotent God takes them in the lap of his kindness.

Thirdly while starting to eat the food and any other task they recite and they made me away from their food and accompaning them.

Fourthly whenever they talk they sayand they are contented with the decision of God.I can not spoil there toils and efforts. They waste all my efforts and hardwork.

5thly- From morning till evening I try my best to drag them into the sins. as evening comes they repent and all my efforts go in vain and the Almighty God forgives their sins.

6thly- The most important of every thing is, when they hear your name they send blessings to you with a loud voice. As I know the rewards of salavat and I run away from them with annoyance,due to the fact that I cannot sight the bounties of salavat.

7th- When they sight your family, they love them and this is their best deed.

Then the prophet turned towards his companions and said: The one who acquires all these qaulities is among the people of Paradise.

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