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On Toiling and Earning that which is Lawful

The Prophet used to say: 'He who eats from what his hand has toiled for will be counted amongst the Prophets on the Day of Resurrection and will take the reward of the Prophets.' 236

He also said: 'He who eats from what his hand has toiled for will be looked upon by God with mercy, hence He will never punish him.' 237 He also said: 'He who eats from what his hand has toiled for will pass over the Nir"U 238 like lightning.' 239 He said: 'Seeking what is lawful is obligatory for every Muslim man and woman.' 240

He said: 'Whoever seeks in this world what is lawful to keep himself from begging and to provide for his dependants and to assist his neighbours will meet God [on the Day of Resurrection] with a face [radiant] like the full moon.' 241

Whenever the Prophet liked the look of a man he would ask:

'Does he have an occupation?' If he was told: 'No.' He would say: 'He has gone down in my esteem.' He was asked: 'And why is this O Apostle of God?' He said: 'Because the believer if he does not have a profession will live at [the expense of] his religion.' 242

He also said: ' . . . but God loves a person who if he does an act he does it well.' 243 He also said: 'He who toils for the sake of his dependants is like he who strives in the cause of God.' 244


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Adopted from the book : "The Prophet Muhammad; a Mercy to the World" by : "Ayatullah Muhammad Sadiq al-Shirazi"

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