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On Humility

The Apostle of God said once to his companions: 'Why is it that I do not see upon you the sweetness of worship?' They said: 'And what is the sweetness of worship?' He said: 'Humility.' 245 The Prophet was asked: 'What is humility?'
He said: 'It is humbleness in prayer and that a person directs his entire heart towards his Lord.' 246 He also said: 'He who leaves off adornments for the sake of God and puts aside fine clothes out of humility to God and seeking His countenance, by rights God will store up for him the fine !abqar: carpets of Paradise.' 247

He said in his testament to AbY Dharr, one of his most devout companions: 'Blessed is he who humbles himself for the sake of God and not due to some lack, and belittles himself but not due to destitution.' 248

He said: 'O AbY Dharr, he who leaves off wearing finery when he is able to do so out of humility to Almighty God will be enrobed by God with the robe of honour.' 249

He also said: 'When you see the humble ones from my nation then act humbly to them, and when you see the arrogant ones then act arrogantly towards them for this belittles and diminishes them.' 250

He said: 'It pleases me to see a man carrying something in his hand which he is bringing to please his family and which stops him from being arrogant.' 251 He said: 'A man should not humiliate himself.' He was asked: 'O Apostle of God, and how does a man humiliate himself?' He said: 'By exposing himself to that which he cannot bear.' 252 One day the Apostle of God went on a journey with his companions. He ordered them to cook a sheep. One man said: 'I will slaughter it.' Another said: 'I will skin it.' Another said: 'I will cook it.' The Apostle of God said: 'I will go and fetch the firewood for you.'

The companions said: 'O Apostle of God, may our fathers and mothers be your sacrifice, do not tire yourself for we will do everything for you.' The Apostle of God said: 'I know that you will do so but Almighty God detests that a person should be singled out from amongst his companions.' Then he went to collect the firewood for them.' 253


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Adopted from the book : "The Prophet Muhammad; a Mercy to the World" by : "Ayatullah Muhammad Sadiq al-Shirazi"

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