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Muslim bin Aqeel in the House of Taw’ah

Mas’oodi relates that then Muslim stepped down from his Horse and wandered in the streets of Kufa. He was unaware as to which way he was going until he passed from near the houses of Bani Jabala, a branch of the clan of Kindah. He passed from near the house of a woman named Taw’ah, who was a slave girl of Ash’as bin Qays, who had freed her. Later Usayd Hazrami had married her from whom she had a son named Bilal. Bilal had gone out with some people and Taw’ah was waiting for him at the door. When Muslim saw her he saluted her and requested her for some water. The woman brought water for him. After drinking Muslim sat at the door. When the woman returned after keeping the cup in the house, she saw Muslim and asked, “O servant of Allah! Did not you drink the water”? Muslim replied in the affirmative. She continued, “Then go back to your family.” When Muslim heard this he became silent. The woman repeated her sentence but Muslim did not answer. The woman said for the third time, “Glory be to Allah! O servant of Allah! Arise, may Allah give you strength. Then return back to your family, for it is not appropriate for you to sit at my door, nor do I permit you to do so.” Muslim stood up and said, “O maid of Allah! I do not have a house nor my clan in this town. The woman asked him as to what she could do for him. Muslim answered, “I am Muslim bin Aqeel, and these people have deceived me and committed fraud and have brought me out of the place of my safety.” The woman asked (in astonishment) whether he was really Muslim bin Aqeel, to which he answered in the affirmative. She then told him to enter her house. The woman gave him a separate room, and spread a sheet for him and gave him food to eat, but Muslim could not eat. Suddenly Taw’ah’s son returned and noticed that his mother entered the room frequently. He inquired of her as to what concern she had in the room, she did not answer as much as he inquired. The boy forced her and ultimately she revealed to him on oath to keep it a secret and not to reveal it to anyone.

Abul Faraj says that Bilal the son of the old woman (Taw’ah), who had offered refuge to Muslim, woke up in the morning and informed Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad bin al-Aash’as that Muslim was in his house as his mother’s guest. Abdul Rahman rushed to his father Muhammad bin al-Aash’as, who at that moment was seated with Ubaydullah. He narrated the entire incident in a hush voice to his father. Ubaydullah inquired as to what he was saying. Muhammad replied that, “He has brought the news that the son of Aqeel (Muslim) is present in one of our houses.” Ubaydullah, pricking him on the side with his staff, said, “Go immediately and bring him to me.”

Abu Makhnaf says that Qudamah bin Sa’ad bin Zaedah Saqafi related to him that Ubaydullah dispatched sixty or seventy people from the clan of Qays, under the command of Abdullah bin Abbas Salami with Muhammad bin al-Aash’as, and they came to the house where Muslim was present.

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