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Muslim bin Aqeel’s departure from Mecca in Mid-Ramadhan imam hussein (a.s)

As quoted by Mas’oodi, Muslim bin Aqeel (A.S) reached Medina and offered Prayers at the Masjide Nabawi and bade farewell to his household. He took along with him two people from Bani Qays as guides to direct the way and left. They took a wrong road and hence lost the way. They became thirsty and could no longer walk further. The two men who had escorted Muslim died due to severe thirst, but they directed him to the way before dying. Muslim advanced further and stopped at a renowed haulting-place called Mazeeq.

As is written in Murujuz Zahab, that he (Muslim) entered Kufa on the fifth of the month of Shavval. According to the narration of Tabari, he resided at the house of Mukhtar bin Abi Ubaydah and the Shi’ah came to visit him. Then when a group of people gathered, he read the letter of Imam Hussein (A.s) to them, hearing which they started weeping. Then Abis bin Abi Shabeeb Shakiri arose and after Praising and Glorifying Allah said, “Now then! I do not speak for the people, nor am I aware as to what is concealed in their hearts, and thus I do not want to deceive you. By Allah! I only say that which is in my heart. By Allah! I shall respond to you whenever you call out, and shall fight your enemies by your side. And in your presence I shall strike them with the sword until I meet Allah, and I do not intend anything except Allah’s favor (in lieu of all this).”

Then Habeeb bin Muzhaahir Faq’asi stood up and said, “May Allah’s blessings be upon you! You have revealed concisely whatever you had in your mind. I swear by Allah, besides whom there is no other Diety, that I too am of the same belief as of this man (referring to Abis who preceded him)”, and then he repeated what Abis had said.

Hajjaj bin Ali says that I asked Muammad bin Bishr that, “Did you not reply to him (Muslim)”? He replied, “I desired that Allah would grant success and esteem to my friends, but I did not appreciate being killed nor did I like to utter a lie.”

Eighteen thousand men swore the oath of allegiance to Muslim and hence he wrote to Imam Hussein (A.S) informing him about their oath, and invited him to come to Kufa. This letter was written by Muslim some twenty seven days before his martyrdom. The Shea visited Muslim quite frequently and the place of his whereabouts became known.

Taken from books: NAFASUL MAHMOOM and The Hidden Truth About Karbala

By Haj Shaikh Abbas Qummi (a.r) and A.K.ahmed B.Sc., B. L.

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