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Motive of Rivalry; the Old Envy

Despite their different trends, all historians have had to confess that the Hashemite branch of Koreish has been distinctive in mentality, manners, and behavior and has been excelling all others at activities and values. Hashim and his sons and descendants were highly respected by all tribes and kings. Such high rank aroused the envy of the other clans of Koreish who allied against Hashim and his sons and descendants.

Despite all these allies, victory was always to the side of the Hashemites who achieved memorable, remarkable deeds that immortalized their names all over history.

The envy of the other more than twenty Koreishite clans reached its climax when the grandson of Hashim declared and promulgated his prophesy and that he was receiving revelations and instructions from the Heavens and called the Koreishites, as well all people, to follow and support him. Moreover, he was supported by Abu-Talib; chief of Koreish and some of his uncles and was followed by some of his cousins.

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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