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Al-Abbas (a.s.) in the Events

In the reign of Othman ibn Affan, al-Abbas ibn Ali was born. It is very natural that he understood the whole doctrinal, political, and social matter of the Islamic State through the instructions of his father and two brothers around whom all the aforementioned events occurred. Likewise, al-Abbas, from his earliest youth, recognized that he belonged to the house whom Almighty God selected for guarding and conveying His religion to the next generations in its pure, correct form, and that he had his own role to play in this sacred process. Naturally, he was informed about the events that preceded him in details and, now, it is his turn to understand the current and the coming events.

The policies of Othman ibn Affan brought about a general disorder in the intellectual and doctrinal lives of Muslims. These policies were aimed at taking the Ahl-ul-Bayt away from the political centers in the state and subjecting them to the illegitimate ruling authorities. Hence, the political and administrative positions were given to definite persons who belonged to the clans of Umayya and Aal-Maeet. The Hashemites and their partisans were prevented from holding any position.

All the offices of the Islamic State became in the hands of the Umayyads who went on creating crises among Muslims. It is indisputable that the great majority of such governors did not have any Islamic trend and were directed to work against the real Islam of Mohammed and his family (a). Moreover, they lacked familiarity with and expertise in the Islamic laws and the requirements of the Islamic Sharia.
As a result of such policy, some troops of the Islamic army left Iran and Egypt to Medina and demanded Othman with rectifying his policies and removing the Umayyads from the offices of the state.

Unfortunately, he did not respond, and the revolters found no means other than assassinating Othman after they had encouraged by the most celebrated personalities who accompanied the Prophet. So, they killed Othman and could get rid of his dishonest policies of favoring his relatives to the others and spreading entrepreneurship in the Islamic world.

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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