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moking Effects on Your Health

I've wondered why people smoke (even when I was a smoker), and what you often get is no answer. If you think about it, smoking deteriorates your health and looks, they give you a foul breath and need you to spend money on them! And, well, even if you don't care about your OWN health, your habit is still affecting people around you. If you have children, your smoking is making them passive smokers and this also brings issues to their health. Some may care about the nicotine "relaxing effects", but as with any drug, the effects don't last forever and soon the need for more will appear.

Stop Smoking. It Can Save Your Life

Millions of people die of cigarette smoking effects a year, that' because every cigar contain harmful ingredients for your health. Almost a hundred of their chemical compounds are known to trigger cancer. So, yes, if you smoke it is easy to assume that you want to die.

Lung problems may be one of the most known effects, but there is more than that. Smoking can increase your chances of having heart issues as well even if you are a passive smoker. It means that if when you were a child, you were surrounded by smokers you get higher chances of heart risks, infections and allergies.

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