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Miracles of Imam al-Jawad (a.s.)

Miracle 1

Ali Bin Khalid says that when he was in Samara he heard that a prisoner had arrived from Damascus. His crime was that he claimed to be a Prophet. Ali paid him a visit out of curiosity. The prisoner looked pious and virtuous. He told his story to Ali Bin Khalid in the following words.

"I am a resident of Damascus. I used to spend my nights praying at a site where once Imam Husain's (A.S.) severed head had been kept, as I considered this place to be a Holy site.

"One night a young, good looking and pious person came there. He asked me to accompany him and 1 did so, We hadn't gone much when we found ourselves in the Mosque of Kufa (Masjid-e-Kufa) he asked me if I knew where we were and I said we were in the Mosque of Kufa, Both of us prayed.

We then walked a little and we were in the Mosque of the Prophet in Medina!

There too, we prayed and then we walked for a short while and found ourselves standing near the Kaba, We performed the "Tawaf' (seven rounds) of the Kaba Then, we walked for a little bit and we were back in Damascus. Before I could find out who he was, the young man disappeared.

"One year after this event, the nun appeared again, We went to all those places which we had done in the previous year. However, tins time before he could disappear I requested him to tell me who he was.

He introduced himself as Muhammad Bin Ah, Bin Musa, Bin Jaffer, Bin Muhammad Bin AH Husain Bin AH Bin Abutalib (A.S.)

"In my joy, I went around telling people about the Imam's miracle. The government accused rne of claiming for Prophethood and sent me lie re, on the order of Muhammad Bin Abdulmalik Zayvat Ali Bin Khalid incidentally knew Muhammad Bin Abdul Malik Zayyat personally.

He promised the prisoner that he would intervene for him and would request Muhammad bin Abdul Malik Zayyat to free him True to his words All Bin Khalid wrote a letter to Muhammad Bin Abdul Malik Zayyat explaining to him in details the prisoner's case and requesting him to set the prisoner free as he was innocent.

After a while Muhammad Bin Abdul Malik Zayyat responded to Ali bin Khalid's letter. He returned the original letter with these comments in the margin.

"Tell your friend to request his freedom from he who took him to the Mosque of Kufa, the Mosque of the Prophet and the House of Allah, all in one night" Ali bin Khalid says that his hopes of freeing this innocent and God-fearing person were dashed.

Anyway, he went to where he had been kept as prisoner to console him. He saw the wardens of the prison hopelessly from one place to another as then prisoner had disappeared, although the doors were all locked!

Ali Bin Khalid says I knew what had happened The Imam (A.S.) must have freed the innocent person Up to that moment Ali Bin Khalid was a Zaidi and not the follower of Imam Taqi (A.S.).

Having witnessed Imam's miracle, he became a follower of Imam Muhammad Taqi (A.S.).

Ali says that after this incident, one day he met the prisoner who told him that, indeed, it was Imam Taqi (AS) who paid him a visit in the prison and set him free.

Miracle 2

Imam Reza (A.S.) had taken a loan of 4000 Dirhams from a man known as Al-Mitrafi. Imam (A.S.) was martyred before he could repay the loan. Besides the lender and Imam Reza (A.S.), no one else knew about this loan and there was nothing in writing There was no way, therefore for Al-Mitrafi to claim for the loan.

He decided to write it off Then Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS) called him in his house and asked him as to why he had not claimed for his 4000 Dirhams that he had lent to his father! The Imam (A.S.) then put his hand beneath the prayers carpet, took out a pouch and handed it over to Al-Mitrafi. On counting the money he found it to be exactly 4000 Dirhams.

Miracle 3

After the martyrdom of Imam Reza (A.S.), Momoon called the Imam's servant, Abu Salt Harawi and demanded from him the "DUA" that the Imam had taught him to read near the grave where fishes had appeared at the time of Imam's burial. Abu Salt could not remember the DUA.

Mamoon sent Abu Salt to prison and vowed to keep him there as long as he did not remember the DUA. Then one night Imam Taqi (A.S.) appeared in the prison and he set Abu Salt free and promised him that Mamoon would never see him again and would not, in anyway, cause harm to him. Abu Salt never again saw Mamoon and was never bothered by Mamoon or his men ever since.

Miracle 4

Muhammad bin Ali Al-Hashim reports that he visited Imam (A.S.) on the day following his marriage to Ummul-Fazl. Because of the medicine he had taken on the previous night, he was feeling very thirsty. However, he did not want to trouble the Imam (A.S.) so he didn't ask for water.

But the Imam (A.S.) looked at him and told him that since he was thirsty would he care to have water? Muhammad Bin Ali accepted the offer. Imam (A.S.) asked his servant to bring water for Muhammad.

When the servant brought water, Muhammad feared that the water had been poisoned. The Imam (A.S.) immediately took the water and having drunk from it passed on to Muhammad Bin Ali. Muhammad became thirsty again, The Imam f A.S.) again got water for him tested it himself first and then passed it on to Muhammad Bin All Al-Hashim.

Adapted from the book: "Biography Of Imam Muhammad Bin Ali (A.S.) - Al-Taqi" by: "M. Dungersi Ph.D"

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