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Malik and Revolution

Adopted from the Book : "Malik al-Ashtar" by : "Kamal al-Seyyed"

Uthman broke his promise. He did not behave well and did not change the rulers. In the meantime, he used strict policy against people. Mu'awiyah, the ruler of Shaam, advised the Caliph to banish some companions from the land.

So, the Caliph banished Abu Dhar, the great companion, to al-Rabathah Desert where he died alone. He hit the companion Ammar bin Yasir, the son of the first two martyrs in Islam.

The Caliph whipped the companion Abdullah bin Masoud, too. So, people grumbled about Uthman's and his rulers' policy.

Our Master Muhammad's companions sent many letters to all Muslim cities. The letters read as follows:

Muslims, come to us. And save the Caliphate. Allah's Book has been changed. And the Prophet's Sunnah has been changed. So, come to us if you believe in Allah and the Day of Judgement.

The Muslim streamed into al-Madina al-Munawwara from everywhere. Malik al-Ashtar represented the revolutionaries. So, he held a meeting with Uthman to reform the affairs of the Muslim State.

The revolutionaries asked Uthman to leave power. But the Caliph refused that. Imam Ali [a] tried to reform the matters. But all his efforts were in vain.

The reason was that the Muslims were displeased with Uthman's and his rulers' persecution. In the meantime, Uthman stubbornly insisted on his policy.

The revolutionaries besieged Uthman's palace.

The revolutionaries climbed the walls of the palace. They broke into the Caliph's room and killed him. Marwan and other hypocrites ran away.

Talha and Zubair were ambitious to get the Caliphate. So, they helped the revolutionaries. But the people were thinking about only one person to be a Caliph. And the person was Imam Ali [a].

Streams of people came into Imam Ali's house. They asked him to be a Caliph. But the Imam refused.

Malik al-Ashtar and other companions insisted on Imam Ali's Caliphate. Malik addressed the people with enthusiasm:

People, this is the Prophet's Regent. He has learnt the Prophet's knowledge. Allah's Book has mentioned his belief. Allah's Apostle [s] has told him that he will enter al-Ridhwan Garden. His personality is perfect The people in the past and present are certain of his behaviour and knowledge.

Thus Malik al-Ashtar was the first to appoint Ali bin Abu-Talib as a Caliph. Then the Muslims followed him.

When Imam Ali [a] became the Caliph, a new time began. He dismissed all the unjust rulers. And he appointed good persons.

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