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Malik and Delegation

Adopted from the Book : "Malik al-Ashtar" by : "Kamal al-Seyyed"

In the meantime, all people all over the Muslim cities complained of the rulers' bad behaviour.

The companions went to Imam Ali's house. They told him about the rulers' persecution and corruption.

Imam Ali [a] was sad to hear that. So, he went to the Caliph's palace. He met Uthman and advised him:

Uthman, the Muslims are complaining of the rulers' persecution. And you know that very well I've heard Allah's Apostle [s] saying:

"On the Day of Judgement, the unjust imam will be brought to hell. And no one will support or excuse him. Then, he will be thrown into hell. He'll go round and round it till he gets into its intense heat."

Uthman thought for a while. He bent his head sadly. He admitted his mistakes. And he promised that he would ask Allah for forgiveness and that he would apologise to the Muslims.

Imam Ali [a] went out to give the Muslims good news. They were all happy.

But Marwan, the hypocrite, said to the Caliph:

You'd better threaten the people so as no one would dare to say bad words against the Caliph.

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