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Make the Child Understand Prejudice

Parents should not keep making the mistake. as many do across the world, of infecting their own children with the disease of prejudice from false ethnic pride. The disease spits out the poison of aversion or disdain or worse. contempt for groups or communities of people only for the reason that they are "different" and "not of us" in race. Culture, colour or faith.

Parents often groom their children into seeking a refuge or a sense of security against the people they had not known or even met. by looking down on them wit~ an uneasy dislike because of fear or mistrust of them arising from the mere fact that they are perceived "different".

Parents do so unwittingly by being themselves vocal and liberal in expressing their sweeping prejudice in the presence of their children. The children trust their parents and accept their views. however preposterous or generalised, as well-based and true. What is worse, children take it as normal to harbour and peddle such lines of prejudice.

People with such mental weaknesses are known as "stereotypes" and are a threat to "islaah" (concord) so earnestly exhorted by Islam for the well-being of the human society. In the present world which is now mere one global village. there is no room for the people who are stereotypes or the children who are reared as such.

Adapted from the book: "Child" by: "Mohamed A. Khalfan"

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