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Maitham al-Tammar - Part 3


Maitham deeply believed in Allah. He was not afraid of the unjust. People were afraid of bin Zyyad. They shook with fear when they saw him. But Maitham did not pay attention to him. He knew that Ubaidullah's death was certain. He knew that the unjust would not stay alive forever.

Mu'awiyah and his son Yazeed prevented people from loving Imam Ali (A.S.). The police arrested and killed the Imam's companions.

Imam Ali (A.S.) had told his companions about the Umayyad police. One day he said to Maitham: "The Umayyads will order you to disown me. Will you do that"?

Maitham said "No."

Maitham thought that to disown Imam Ali (A.S.) meant to disown Islam. And to disown Islam meant to disown Allah. The Imam said: "Surely, you'll be killed."

Maitham said: "I'll be patient! Death is little for Allah."

The Imam said: "You'll be with me in the Paradise."

The End

Ubaidullah bin Zyyad ordered the police to bring Maitham. He said to him: "I've heard that you're a companion of Ali's."

Maitham said: "Yes."

Ubaidullah bin Zyyad said to Maitham: "Will you disown him"?

Maitham said: "By Allah, Imam Ali (A.S.) has told me that you will kill me! He has told me that you will cut my hands, legs, and tongue."

Ubaidullah bin Zyyad angrily said: "Your Imam is a liar."

Maitham jeered at that foolish person (Ubaidullah bin Zyyad).

Ubaidullah bin Zyyad ordered the police to tie Maitham to the date palm trunk near the house of Amru bin Huraith. Besides, he ordered them to cut off his hands and legs.

The Neighbour

Maitham was tied to the date palm trunk.

Amru bin Huraith saw him. Amru remembered Maitham's words: "I'll be you neighbour. Treat me kindly."

So, Amru bin Huraith ordered one of his daughters to sweep the ground around the date palm trunk. He also ordered her to splash it with water.

A person looked at Maitham and said: "Disown Ali to save your soul."

Maitham said with a smile. "By Allah, this date palm has been created for me! And I've been created for it."

Thus, the people knew the secret of Maitham's visit to the date palm throughout the long years.


Maitham addressed the people:

"People, If you want to hear some information about Ali bin Abu-Talib, then come to me."

The people crowded around Maitham. He began teaching them various kinds of knowledge.

The spies told Ubaidullah bin Zyyad about Maitham's words.

Ubaidullah bin Zyyad ordered a policeman to cut off Maitham's tongue.

Maitham said: "Amirul-Momineen has told me about that."

Then the policeman cut off Maitham's tongue. Another policeman stabbed him with a sword.

Thus this Mujahid's life put out as the candles did!

Maitham's Body

Maitham did a lot good for the people. The people loved him very much. They wanted to take Maitham's body to bury it, but the police strictly prevented them from approaching it.

One night, seven dates-sellers came. They saw the policeman burning a fire. Two of them sawed the trunk. The seven dates-sellers carried Maitham's body outside Kufa. They buried it at a known place. Then they came back home.

Six years passed. Al-Mukhtar announced his revolution in Kufa. His army met Ubaidullah's on Al-Khazir Riverbank.

Ibraheem al-Ashtar could behead Ubaidullah bin Zyyad.

Some fighters brought al-Mukhtar Ubaidullah's head. He stood up and kicked Ubaidullah's head. He remembered Maitham's words in the prison: "Al-Mukhtar, you'll get out of prison. You'll get revenge on Imam Hussein's killers."

Days passed. Imam Hussein's killers parished. People have cursed them throughout history.

Today, the visitor leaves the Holy Najaf City. He goes to see Kufa ruins. On the way he sees a beautiful dome. The dome decorates Maitham's shrine.

Adapted from the book: "The Companions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w)"

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